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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where can I find your design prices?

    See! iDesigns offers a variety of solutions to suit your needs. We have special prices for personal and not-for-profit ventures.

    Please contact us to discuss prices.

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  1. How can I reduce SPAM coming into my email account?

    SPAM is annoying for just about everyone on the net. No matter what you do to prevent it, there's no sure way of eliminating SPAM completely. Here's a few tips to help reduce spam though:

    • Enable and configure SpamAssassin on your hosting account. All See! iDesigns hosting accounts include SpamAssassin for free. Once logged into your Control Panel, click on Mail and then SpamAssassin. Once enabled, SpamAssassin will try and mark emails as spam before they reach your inbox.
    • Avoid using common email addresses that spammers will easily guess (eg: info@, sales@, support@, etc)
    • Do not forward chain letters and ask people not to send them to you. It usually only takes one spammer to receive a chain letter, and he/she can rip out hundreds of valid email addresses from the long list of people the email has made it to.
    • Do not post your email address on web sites or forums on the internet unless they're hidden from the public. Email harvesters are programs that seek out email addresses on web sites and insert them into a database ready to spam. So if you can see your email address on a web site, so can spammers.
    • Set up a temporary/spam email account that you can use to subscribe to stuff online. Hotmail/yahoo/gmail/etc. Whenever you have to sign up at a web site and provide your email address, use this account so that if they sell you address to a spam list, you won't be bothered with annoying spam in your real account.

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  2. How do I free up space in my email accounts?

    Each email account that you set up has a quota. This is a limit on the size of emails that are held on the server for you. You may set the email quota to any size, however make sure that the total quotas plus the size of your web site, do not exceed your entire hosting quota.

    There are several ways to free up some space in your email accounts. The first is to make sure that your email client (such as Outlook) is configured to remove messages from the server once they have been received. This will move every email from the server to your local computer.

    Secondly, you may want to clear your "Spam Box" every now and then to get rid of emails that have been marked as spam. To do so, log in to your control panel, and choose the Mail icon. Then from the list of options, select SpamAssassin. Finally, click the button called Clear Spam Box.

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  3. What is my email account password?

    Your account password is something that you chose when you set up your email account.

    If you need to reset your password, log into your control panel, and then click the Mail icon. Then select Manage/Add/Remove Accounts and then Change Pass for the given account.
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  4. What is my email account username?

    The username for your email account is always your full email address (eg: If you use only your email alias (everything before the '@' symbol) then you will not be able to connect to your account.

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  5. What is my incoming (POP3) mail server?

    Your incoming (i.e. POP3) mail server should be set to substituting your registered domain name in place of "".

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  6. What is my outgoing (SMTP) server?

    In short, you should use your ISP's outgoing mail server to send all email.

    As spam continues to be an issue on the Internet, many ISP's are blocking external SMTP servers as a way of forcing all email to be sent through their servers. This allows ISP's to, among other things, monitor the volume of email you are sending. The unfortunate side-effect of blocking external SMTP servers is that it makes setting up your email account somewhat more difficult. You should contact your internet service provider and ask them what outgoing (SMTP) server you should be using.

    If your ISP does not block external SMTP servers on port 25, then please use as your outgoing server, substituting your registered domain in place of "".

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  1. How do I back-up my hosting account?

    Backing up your hosting account and database regularly is very important. Unfortunately, most hosting subscribers do not take the time to backup their investment. Here is how simple making a back-up can be:

    First, log in to your hosting account control panel. Once logged in, click the "Backup" icon, then click on the link that says "Generate/Download a Full Backup".

    Most users can simply use the default settings. When you create a back-up, all your files are compressed into one file in your home directory. You will receive an email when the process is complete. Then simply download the file to your computer.

    Advanced users: If you have access to an FTP account on a separate server, you can enter your FTP info into the appropriate fields in the "Generate/Download a Full Backup" section. By doing so, your files are automatically transferred to the remote FTP once the back-up is complete.

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  2. How do I find out how many visitors are coming to my site?

    Your hosting account is equipped with web and FTP statistics tracking software. To access this software, log in to your hosting account, at Once logged in, click on the icon for Web/FTP Stats. You may then choose from the list of tracking software. For example, click on the link for Webalizer.

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  3. What makes your hosting better than other cheaper companies?

    Web hosting has always been a very competitive business. Many companies are in the business of making their hosting packages as cheap as possible. By doing so, they attract many uninformed customers looking to save a few bucks. The trade-off is that your web site is tossed on a server with thousands of other customers, support is almost always lacking, and once these companies have your money, they could care less about you.

    At See! iDesigns, we value our customers. We make our hosting packages as reasonable as possible, and will do everything we can to make your hosting experience pleasant. Your site will be hosted on a server with only a handful of other sites, which means there is less chance you will experience problems or downtime. If you value good service and support, then this is the hosting solution for you.

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