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  1. How do I back-up my hosting account?

    Backing up your hosting account and database regularly is very important. Unfortunately, most hosting subscribers do not take the time to backup their investment. Here is how simple making a back-up can be:

    First, log in to your hosting account control panel. Once logged in, click the "Backup" icon, then click on the link that says "Generate/Download a Full Backup".

    Most users can simply use the default settings. When you create a back-up, all your files are compressed into one file in your home directory. You will receive an email when the process is complete. Then simply download the file to your computer.

    Advanced users: If you have access to an FTP account on a separate server, you can enter your FTP info into the appropriate fields in the "Generate/Download a Full Backup" section. By doing so, your files are automatically transferred to the remote FTP once the back-up is complete.

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  2. How do I find out how many visitors are coming to my site?

    Your hosting account is equipped with web and FTP statistics tracking software. To access this software, log in to your hosting account, at Once logged in, click on the icon for Web/FTP Stats. You may then choose from the list of tracking software. For example, click on the link for Webalizer.

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  3. What makes your hosting better than other cheaper companies?

    Web hosting has always been a very competitive business. Many companies are in the business of making their hosting packages as cheap as possible. By doing so, they attract many uninformed customers looking to save a few bucks. The trade-off is that your web site is tossed on a server with thousands of other customers, support is almost always lacking, and once these companies have your money, they could care less about you.

    At See! iDesigns, we value our customers. We make our hosting packages as reasonable as possible, and will do everything we can to make your hosting experience pleasant. Your site will be hosted on a server with only a handful of other sites, which means there is less chance you will experience problems or downtime. If you value good service and support, then this is the hosting solution for you.

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